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Published papers 

*Jung, M. H., & *Sun, C., & Nelson, L. D. (2018). People can recognize, learn, and apply default effects In social influence, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 201810986.

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Jung, M. H., & Critcher, C. R. (2018). How encouraging niceness can incentivize nastiness: An unintended consequence of advertising reform. Journal of Marketing Research, 55, 147-161.

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Jung, M. H., Nelson, L. D., Gneezy, U., & Gneezy, A. (2017). Signaling virtue: charitable behavior under consumer elective pricing. Marketing Science36(2), 187-194.

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*Jung, M. H., *Perfecto, H., & Nelson, L. D. (2016). Anchoring in payment: Evaluating a judgmental heuristic in field experimental settings. Journal of Marketing Research53(3), 354-368.

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Jung, M. H., Nelson, L. D., Gneezy, A., & Gneezy, U. (2014). Paying more when paying for othersJournal of Personality and Social Psychology107(3), 414.

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Manuscript with invited revisions                                                                                    

Munz, K., Jung, M. H, & Alter, A. (invited revision). Donating to a teacher with the same name: A field experiment in personalization.

Jung, M. H., Gonzalez, F., & Critcher, C. R. (invited revision). The vicarious construal effect: Seeing and experiencing the world through different eyes.

Gonzalez, F., Jung, M. H., & Critcher, C. R. (invited revision). Emotional intensification when feeling responsible for others’ emotional experience.

Manuscript submitted for publication

Jung, M. H., Critcher, C. R., & Nelson, L. D. (under review) Evaluations are inherently comparative, but are compared to what?         

Manuscripts in preparation (data collection complete)     

*Jung, M. H., *Powell, E., & Nelson, L. D. The Weakest links in the chain of giving: How the misperceptions of givers and receivers keep both from maximizing happiness.

*Jung, M. H., *Smeets, P., *Stoop, J., & *Vosgerau, J. Are socio-economic status and prosocial/ethical behavior related?: Three replications of Piff et al.’s (2012) field studies.

Saccardo, S., Jung, M. H., Gneezy, A. & Nelson, D. L. Signaling in the field.

(* denotes equal contribution)